Thursday, February 28, 2008


Freedom arrived
With heavy wings
Where I wanted to soar
Only flitted low
And did not bite the dust

Joy in self-acceptance
Left a trail of unpaid debts
Swarms plagued nights, turned slayers of mirth
Doused sunshine and blurred days

Love arrived
Accompanying clauses and conditions
Fine print and punitive damages
Where I wanted to live
Could only breathe
A little easy, just a little

Consumed by wants
Convince, cajole, coax
Choices make up identity; let me make mine
And live them
Listen to me! Trust me! Believe, please!

Revelation in self-deception
Glory, acclaim—pleased as punch
A naked solitary man, before mirror
Skin peeling off: ugly, ugly, ugly!

Now: Reconnoitring lands for satisfying truth
Saddled, though, with an unabridged version
Leaf pages, jot points, make notes