Monday, May 01, 2006

home and himalayas

I'm going home tomorrow after almost 2 years. I am wondering how much a rickshaw ride would cost from the station to my home. And whether the paan shop in my lane is still there. I'm excited about seeing all those faces who I grew up with, again.

I'm also going to the Himalayas! Yes I am!! It's an 11 day trek along the Saurkundi Pass trail. The base camp is at Babeli(7 kms from Kulu), at 4000 ft, and from there on we'll go higher up, camping at Segli, Hora Thatch, Maylee Thatch, till we reach Saurkundi Pass at 12900 ft. Everyday, ona an average, we will be trekking 7 kms. There's also a day of rock climbing. This trek - one of many other equally inviting ones - is organised annually by YHAI i.e youth hostel association of india at a very reasonable price (2000 bucks for my trek with food, stay in tents and guides).

I've started thinking about valleys, peaks and snow in the middle of this tropical summer. For far too long now I've been indulgent in short bursts of sight- seeing, shopping and frolicking. I want to feel that abandon when you dont have to think about unfinished stuff. It's difficult because you are tourists and not travellers. Because on most occasions you just run away from routine and hence keep agonising over the time when you've to get back to it. This time there's nothing to run away from. You can say that I'm free - from responsibilty and routine and hence a natural advantage. But then I chose it this way rather than push it off for sometime else.

Most of all, I'm wondering if my mom will be able to see her son of 2 years ago. There's something I wrote a few days ago and it keeps coming to mind :

All mothers that send their sons to war,
In hope leave their doors ajar,
But when the battle-scarred return from afar,
Their souls have changed beyond repair.

P. S: All travel enthusiasts, you can check this link: YHAI's home page

I may not post as frequently but once back I promise I'll be full of pages