Friday, June 09, 2006

did kunal kohli just insult my intelligence and make me pay for it??

I watched Fanaa with a sense of deja-vu. With a casting coup of sorts (aamir and kajol, man) the reach of the movie was virtually guaranteed. But sadly a great opportunity was squandered.

Watching Rihaan (thats aamir khan for the uninitiated) single handedly carry the mantle of an elite organisation like ITF (an outlandish international terrorist outfit that essentially though is a one man army) while skiing down the Himalayan slopes, effortlessly throwing the creme de la creme of the Indian army off their snow scooters and self-respect, and bringing down choppers with a 9mm pistol ( its a small firearm with a range of a few yards, so plz explain how!!??) I remembered 007. He didnt enroll into ITF but he could've surely learnt a few tricks. And if Aamir khan was meant to play a superhero where the heck was his body suit? A superhero without his suit is like a superhero in his birthday suit!!

The USP seems to be the inattention to detail and the crazy indulgences of a script writer who has multiple personalities depending on which half of the movie he's writing about.

The attempt to introduce a twist in the tale leads to some inexplicable, unpardonable loopholes in the plot. How can an entire regiment (one reg. includes 5 to 18 battalions and each batt. has roughly 850 do your maths and keep rubbing your eyes at the figure you reach) be allocated to combat a terrorist unit and then be utterly and entirely wiped out save Rihaan aka Cpt. Ranjit Singh aka peddler of Kunal Kohli's screwed up dreams?? And why is Tabu making fun of herself?? If she desperately needs hard cash then she better host a game show on anyone of the million channels. She has the corniest lines in the movie like her introduction of Rihaan (who else!!) as ITF's mover cum shaker. SOS and LOL!!

But there are hints of human involvement in the making of the movie. Raindrops have never looked as beautiful (as in the 'dekho na' number) and the poetry is worth noting down on paper. Kajol looks and is fabulous (thank god she looks plump in the 2nd half..i mean why would a married,husbandless woman living in the snow work out??)
Aamir probably read some other script (esp. the part where the 2nd half was written) and had already been contract bound by the time he realised he was on the wrong set.

The movie makes some promises in the 1st half which are later conveniently forgotten for fancy gimmicks. The human element could've been better dealt with. We're never given so much as a hint of a reason for Rihaan's steadfast, almost implacable, belief in what appears to be a very strong cause. And somehow it escaped me how that love for a girl still smouldered for 7 years, and burst into flames hence, especially as it was never shown if Rihaan did feel the pain of bereavement.

P.S: I watched Anniyan in Hindi and quite enjoyed it.

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