Friday, August 04, 2006

she cant see rhyme from chime, she doesn't know mirth from mime!

Quite exuberantly I started with:

Pitter patter amidst the clatter
a little brain is in a batter
sifting through all the clutter
to pen verses that glitter

and then when she didn't quite get my line I wrote:

Hither thither into the gutter
O these poems full of butter
vanish with hardly a flutter
and there wails the rhymer's letter

and then when she still didn't get any of it I composed:

Bitter poet at the end of his tether
his ballads as cute as a pup's litter
but his princess of frowns and jitter
fails to understand his poems better

1 comment:

vasco da gama said...

u see girls are like that only..
they want cute and u show them puppy..they ll frown n say i m not a child
u talk to them abot sports, games..they'll get bored..
just go shopping with them n they are hapy