Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the big strip tease

Living off jobs which didn’t interfere
With their primary interest—perfect gratification
Unfeeling voyeurs rose from their chairs

It was the big strip tease
Taken off, sliding down satin legs, thrown off a now bare torso
Items of societal dignity

The audience, whistling and hooting
In cahoots
Fate in open connivance with the living

What they desired,
The law-abiding quotidian,
Their loins ached for
That bit of flesh—ravishing, succulent

He sulked in his chair
Glug, glug the pegs burnt
The lampshades turned upside down
The existences murky

Desires flitted like bluebottles
Imagination begot dirty wings
The untouchable was here
In the face

Yet now, he thought
Her mystery hidden in a hutch
She invited more

The face, it had to be
The false bravado
The surety
Where did it come from?

She was there,
Glowing naked as a bulb
Yet she wasn’t bare

What the madhouse couldn’t hide
The flesh couldn't show
That mask on her face
That isolation
What did she feel?

How does one feel?
In a place where men are so true
For her to melt into an aphrodisiac


Tikna said...

boys will be boys...
and girls will be "fun"!!

that was the catchline of an ad for kiddi shoes..

PritS said...

tumi bhishon notty...

satyajit said...

grow up boys!

sucharitaroy1 said...

ur idea of a "she " here is confusing...a way of life? or somthing in flesh and blood?
but then again i guess this holds true for all of them...

most peope hate or mistrust things because they dont understand it...

and they probably dont understand it just because they hate it...

satyajit said...

sucharita: this isnt allegorical..I think of such a thing though.. and is it more difficult to relate to a male stripper than a female one?

sucharita said...

coming to think of it is probably difficult to relate to anything at all...most often to oneself..dont you think...then leave about other people...

Suhas said...

duuuude .. this is like in the stratosphere man.. not understanding saaar !!!

satyajit said...

sucharita: hmmm

suhas: baag :-(

Ruchika said...

I wonder how lonely she must really be... can you call it despair?

satyajit said...

to call her anything would be flying off a tangent; to see her for what she is, is almost impossible..even she wouldn't know that

before she knows, she has become the act..and in ways more subtle, we do so too--let our act define us in a singular dimension

Manoo Kapoor said...

Good one baba.I feel very often your posts ask a lot of questions.Questions which we all run away from.

Yaar par tu bahut kam posts karta hai aaj kal?