Wednesday, May 02, 2007

when i unraveled

On the edge of the cliff, I was in a straitjacket—my arms tied, my mouth clamped shut, and my brain washed. A credulous seeker like me was an easy prey for charlatans promising ethereal bliss. So much so that I had started to see the vacuity in almost everything. And then as yet again I pushed myself back from drinking the tenuous poison, I fell.

As I fell, the stubborn chains in me refused to give way. The barnacles did not unhinge when I tried to break free. But this was only at first. I closed my eyes and noticed the spidery snares that had built themselves inside of me. On removing them, I saw the center of my mindspace littered with personas. I had let them inside, and insidiously, their thoughts, their memories, had held sway over me. They were regular characters—friends, lovers, colleagues, family—who had set up their shops on my thoroughfare. Luring me for business, offering bargains, dictating terms.

Without feeling, I evicted these tenacious tenants. I ripped their belongings apart, yanked their clothes from the clothesline, expelled the damp, soggy air and the cares that had infested my days. Everything went—the taste, the smell, the touch. It was not hate, nor indifference, that made me do it. It was an attempt to salvage.

And then when I fell, I unraveled. Factions of me—the entity—spouted forth like marbles from a bursting pocket. I fell far and wide, in meadows, on treetops, on thatched roofs and verandahs, in the wilderness. My soul, though, gravitated steady. Quite blandly, it fell freely. After the myriad Is hit ground and dribbled onto distant lands, they marched toward a focal point with purpose. They promenaded past vistas and vantage points along the way, and on assembling, they fused into an ensemble to reform a single me.

This new me had a repertoire but no baggage. It traveled light, backpacked, built houses and brought them down with the same regularity. And when in need, it unraveled.


Last evening promises to steadily climb up the charts of memorable outings. Jew town, Paradesi Synagogue and the last remaining Jewish family of nine that patronizes it, Fort Kochi, sea-facing, antique-hoarding Ginger restaurant, Kashi art cafĂ© and the cleaved bamboo with a slender tube of light inside, cute single firangi women crowding distinctly touristy restaurants, street houses with quaint doors lining narrow roads like palm trees, “you buy fish we cook them” open-air eateries, sprawling old mansions transformed into heritage hotels, respectable uncles in starched white mundus and their unerringly wrong directions, and this line that I saw on the boundary wall of a school: Do good unto others and share what you have, for it is pleasing to you.

P.S: I just changed the last word of the graffito to turn it into an aphorism.


shantanu said...

Probably one of your best pieces . Not just because of the way its written but more so because of the thought behind it. It brings to the fore something that we all experienc but are unconscious about. I really hope that you have been able to unravel.

Charlotte said...

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhh!(That was putting affection into words)

Beautiful imagery. Shite! The cheerful man at work and the one who unravels—you have two sides to you, Satyajit.

satyajit said...

shantanu: thank a lot..initially when i wrote, i was apprehensive if people would see the real thing behind the imagery..then as i wrote, i let go more and more..sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt..

charlotte: hey! if i would not meet you again, the thing i would remember you by is the way you said "ok Go" (the song) :-) and thanks a lot for the good words

Charlotte Baptista said...

"If i would not meet you again..."!!! I demand to know what you meant by that! :x

Please be coming back, I miss youuuu. Kidding. Don't be dumb enough to believe that.

No actually, I really do. Come back soooon!

Shishir said...

Too good Baba.I can almost see it happening. You are well on your way.

satyajit said...

shishir: oh, i hope so..only time will tell and thanks a lot..

Candid Confessions said...

That is pretty much a piece of all our minds put down in amazing words and expressed beautifully!

satyajit said...

candid confessions: all our minds? cant vouch for that..some just like to stay family friends and the works..

thank you so much for the encouragement :-)

Pscyhe said...

Jus read it.. Loved it!