Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Her body fights and extricates her mind from those bubbleheaded years. Memory is a living thing, she thinks. Where it is amputated, severed, it swiftly grows itself into a whole again. The completeness in her memory makes up for the void in her present. The laws of compensation. It is a game, she believes, where the conscious and subconscious are at play. The objective of the game is to salvage the self, to not let it lose respect for itself. Now she understands self-respect. That’s what her life has become: a pursuit to earn her self back. She is returned to her world now. To enterprises undertaken in another bubble. A space of reason and practicality that she has to furnish with the living furniture of honest toil and reparation. She feels ready.

PS: It's an excerpt from what I'm working on. Just wrote this bit and felt like putting it up.


Sucharita said...

i am waiting for the work that you are working on to be complete...beautiful..may god bless this whatever you are working on as much as he bless you...you will need it in good time

shantanu said...

The conscious - sub conscious interplay you refer to sounds interesting. Would be a good idea to develop it more..