Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Cleansing

I wake up at five am
before the ghosts have been buried,
sudden, to a sticky back on a marble grid
to birdsong on the western coast before
it is mowed by revving engines
in this place they call the metropolis in weather reports
how long has it been?

Yester night’s remnants in system ridden of
beer mouth rinsed, beer smell scrubbed
clothes dumped
huddled in red bucket in shame
a roundabout way of undertaking
project ‘I’m going to clean myself’

Fridge checked for happy surprises
water gulped down parched throat,
some cake bitten into
through the window I can see
clumpy wet hair draped over
ironed polyester salwar

Stray thought: fifth standard, picnic day
killed before it began
by pop and mom
playing ‘I blame you’
why did we go then?
something bigger than happiness
showed up at the door
mr. and mrs. neighbors were ready to leave
lunch packed, extra tissue taken, ambassador purring at the turn

Old blood swirling in my veins
thickened with self-pity
a caul of disgust enveloping
no illusions harbored,
i have been riffled the same cards
will be singed too, to the roots if i don’t

Call, find those numbers
and call
‘hi! sorry i can’t come to your party
i’m not sure i want to, actually something came up’
you social rat, still wriggling the old leathery tongue?
no, brace and say: the truth
then call after call
no, i don’t care anymore; it doesn’t matter what you think
voices thick with sleep soothe
awww! it’s just a meltdown
don’t worry, it’s only the stress, nothing really
relax, we still love you

By then I have hung up.


Dexter Roche said...

You really have the nerve! I'm shocked at how we were friends. This immature, attention-seeking, pretentious, and arrogant side of you is a real eye opener. It's not bravery by putting up what you think. Have the balls to tell your 'friends' on their face--that is if you considered them your friends in the first place. Seriously dude, since you treat us like the plague, you deserve the same fucking treatment. Please don't even attempt to feign that you care.

Anonymous said...

Relax Dexter....

There are things about people you do not know. And since you do not know them you wouldn't understand. I hope this is written in humor.

He will come around. He always has.

Dexter said...

Relax Anonymous...

There are things you should know, of not to patronise people when you do not know them or have a clue about. I hope this is written with accidental stupidity.

You need to grow up. I hope you do.

Anonymous said...

now look at you!!! lol

i will leave you two to paw each other...hope you both grow up !!!