Tuesday, July 04, 2006

dizzying, dazzling nocturnal lights: the final chapter

At the outset, I request anyone interested in reading this to first go through part 1 and 2, and in that order. Else its better to skip the whole thing altogether.

What I wrote in the first post about my nightly activity of staring at a computer screen throwing off dazzling visual effects was the most original thing I had ever written. I had never been conditioned about it, nor had I heard anything about it that I could've repeated. I wrote what I saw and it was as simple as that. The effort may have lacking in quality but not in originality.

And then I had people asking me, with noble intentions, if I was alright. Now if I had written something about, say, Indian culture there would surely have been a more expected response, possibly a more favourable one. But thats beside the point.

I ask you this: even though I know shit about Indian culture, or heritage, or any such subject which I've been hearing about since the faculty of memory took shape in me why is it people accept me better when I opine about them. Why is it that second hand originality, if there's anything of that kind, is so rampant and appreciated? Do people revel in it or do they not realise what they claim is theirs is actually borrowed? How good are we?

2 years ago I had had a chance meeting with someone which, I can claim unabashedly, made me think. He said, "If you're not learning something right it's better not to learn at all. Otherwise later, if ever you seek real education, you've to unlearn your past, and that'll cost you time."

We're like that movie-cartoon character who has walked beyond the edge of a cliff but hasn't fallen because he hasn't realised it yet.

P.S: The story in part 2 has been taken from 'zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' by Robert M. Pirsig. I've modified the narration a little to help me make my point. This book holds the record of being rejected by the most publishing houses - 120 in all - before becoming a New York Times bestseller.


PritS said...

On creativity side that (dizzling...)indeed is a master piece.
My first response was the same you mentioned in this post (indeed I have a comment saying the same there). But it dint mean that i assumed you were high or something wrong with you. Our mind is accustomed to seeing things as they are. Whenever there is a sudden change, it finds it difficult to accpet the difference. Sometimes we call it cultural shock, sometimes by some other name.
Darkness is something we always attached with failure, problems and fear. It always happens that whenever you write or talk about darkness or death, people think either you have gone crazy or you are under some depression (or tension).
Anyways, keep the creative work going. Its really nice to read your blog. :)

emeraldpond said...

The reason why I compared your imaginations with that of Amelie's. You have managed to keep them pretty much farm-fresh. You can actually put these trilogy in The Little Magazine. Good work!

PritS said...

Hey you are tagged now. Go through my blog at who me? for more info.
Hope to see the response soon. :)