Monday, July 03, 2006

dizzying, dazzling nocturnal lights!

For the past few nights a very engrossing activity for me has been this:

turning on the visual effects of iTunes player and staring at the monitor.

This is what I see:

marble green swirls revolving at a constant speed - very disciplined.

beige coloured irregular, corrugated lines like a freaky ECG report.

speckled 8s like a clip tied to the screen that whizzes around a centre.

a kaleidoscope of circles that are very jumpy. They are like children that hop along in gunny bags, as seen from above.

a continuosly propagating sine waveform or a string that has been tugged at its untied end - crests and troughs that float past.

a sequence of scarlet specks that spread from one end to another increasing in size like a jet of ink thrown off a fountain pen.

a concentric pattern of whorls that look like the colured fingerprints of a culprit who has been caught red/blue/magenta/violet handed.

gemstone blue planes above and below your line of vision that make your sight seem crammed in between.

many elliptical orbits, very close to each other, that revolve together like a single wrist band.

flower petals - oblong shaped - that are lined with veins like a wrinkled forehead.

a purple and bright green combination of concentric circles like compact discs of varying sizes that have been piled upon one another.

a sprinkler spraying crimson water that has cut out a circular garden in the screen.

a collection of blue and pink bars like an Eastman Colour bar code.

taillights of cars, of a spectrum of hues, that whiz past like on a Tokyo freeway.

There are countless other constellations which either change shape too soon or I find too abstruse and abstract to describe.

While concentrating on each of these patterns there is this constant feeling of being pulled in, of travelling along constricting tunnels, of being swallowed into the mouth of whales with funny coloured palates.

The unifying theme is that all these images exhibit a symmetry. There is a method to the madness.

You can either trash this as jabberwocky or turn the visual effects on the next time you listen to your favourite playlist. And then try to make something out of it.


PritS said...

dude.. whats happening...
everything all right naa? ;-)

emeraldpond said...

ha ha...guess the alternate name of the topic should read "Things I do/see when I'm bloody high!" The article reminds me of the observations of Ms. Amélie Poulain!

satyajit said...

C'mon people, I swear I wasnt high. There is an 'unopened' vodka bottle in the house.

and I intend to explain more in future posts.

Suhas said...

I do it whenever i feel like 'slacking ' at work which is most of the time...scroll your code up and down really fast this for a while and i swear you might see patterns there ..not the John Nash kind ; but the consiousness altering itunes variety...the stooped posture ensures that constant feeling of being pulled in , is always exuded ..

loved the descriptions.. I recommend that you have album art of the records from the 70's to make more out of it..

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