Thursday, January 18, 2007

I miss the high-rises from the roof-top

Standing on a roof-top (the higher, the better) is like standing on the fringe of society--the geographical somehow replicates that which is in essence.

People like lizards, wagging their restless tails, waiting to hop onto kites that will make them soar above. A sense of dissociation so strong, you feel like a visiting supervisor when you look at your brethren. Things such as "up there" and "down below" mean something exact.

It's the height, is it?

You experience a clarity, a sanctity, that is so obvious yet unfathomable on analysis. A kiss on the 9th floor roof-top, it becomes extra-special; smoke, and the drags turn almost philosophical; when you eat, the food can become incidental. You remember the ambience, the feel. So much is about this feel--this thing that defines moments.

These moments, these fleeting units, then define experiences. In retrospect (the way we usually decide) we label these experiences, placing a huge serving of permanence on our memory plates that'll keep us nourished. And this will decree that life has been such and such. To evaluate something as questionable as the quality of our existence, we cling on to equally dubious parameters.

Goa has to be fun, lectures boring; junk food delectable, gyaan unacceptable. A collection of interests or a set of acquired biases?

What explains this?


Ruchika said...

Life is nothing but a series of such related or unrelated events which takes u from one place to another! But life has to be more fluid.. we have to learn to accept new experiences.. and go with the flow instead of getting caught up in the "acquired biases", as u put it..


if its a point you accept where you stopped then the show is over.and you are defeated even before you put up a is nothing if u are not capable of surprising yourself.but then that is a personal opinion.

PritS said...

bias is nothing but our unconscience efforts to adjust the reality.

satyajit said...

I got comments from 3 of my most loyal readers who have each defined something...

Does this show our proclivity to define stuff for our understanding? in clear terms so that we know what to abide by and what not to..

I added bias as an afterthought, almost off a tangent

more importantly, i want to question this perspective that we get when removed from others..and how valid is this perspective..

and why when we go down, literraly and figuratively, that perspective gets muddled

sucharita said...

its immaterial whether you go at a tangent or define stuff or set limits to some aspect of existence.what is more important is the importance you set to things.and they may be as obvious as an approaching tsunami..or as puny as a grain of sand.and that makes all the difference.

and never underestimate a statistics marked variations in the end result from a cumulative bias no matter how small persisting over a time.and like everything else it can be applied to life..even as an afterthought,and lay its claim.

PritS said...

You learn from your experience. So whatever you learn, you try to define it. If you dont have much strengh, you try to define for yourself, if you are strong enough you try to define it for others.

This understanding is necessary, else we will live our life in circle. Repeating same mistakes again and again.

And the perspective you talking, is mostly your own. Coz you always live in group, you could never identify it. Look at the mirror, its you only.