Wednesday, January 31, 2007

mere lab taras gaye: the parched lips

We possess a remarkable capacity to think logically for our good, greater and individual. However, we are owners of an exceptional ability to twist all logic for our immediate benefit.

Dry days curb drinking. On dry days, the tanked stay with wife and kids, celebrate birthdays mumbling the correct words, and measure things in units other than pegs. Yet, they are sober enough to formulate a foolproof plan to compensate for the substantial loss in hung-over hours.

Side-effect: they make the other days, at least the ones immediately after the dry ones, incredibly wet.

Fellow swiggers and all those too inebriated on life,

Bombay has decided to celebrate the oncoming of the auspicious month of February (according to the Gregorian calendar) by observing 5 DRY DAYS, namely, Jan. 26, 30, 31 and Feb. 1, 2.

God save Bombay on Feb. 3. Providence has dictated such a momentous occasion be a Saturday. And until then may all bootleggers celebrate by unleashing their cache of spirits.

Lets drink to dryness!

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if you read the last comment on the page you have linked to your blog you will see the very purpose of a dry day is nothing but on the papers.its astute political sense..jan 26 30 for the obvious,31st feb 1 and 2 for the before and after effects of BMC polls!!! 3rd feb of course is being left to enjoy. And its so true dry days are entirely a matter of personal choice.But are bloggers like you tankers or swiggers? :)

satyajit said...

ya i know the reason for the dates..3rd feb is cos the elections are over on the 2nd..

and your question really should be the other way round?

sucharita said...

nope i would know the answer to that question :)

PritS said...

Tera kya hua re baba?
Think of state like Gujrat where it is dry throughout the year. There is one temple there where public offers Daru to god Bhairav. Unka kya hota hoga. :)

Thank god I dint disturb you on 4th, hangover must be there that time. :)

satyajit said...

Oh no I didnt drink on the 3rd..wait..maybe had a beer at home..

You should read Siddhartha (herman hesse)in case you want to understand abt the pleasures of life..