Friday, April 10, 2009

a solution/problem

A solution is composed of words
Them strung together in an order
With pauses and gestures—wafting, floating,
And agreeing to your mien
A solution is an inching closer
To delightful experiences of living and learning
Of distant music in familial gatherings
A solution is an arrangement

A problem is an arrangement
(1) Of phrases and their turns
That travel determinedly to reduce you
(2) Of silence and empty vocabulary
That crush hopeful will like a sombre second opinion
Once they reach, overcoming space
They create fissures anew
Of anxiety, dependence, and life


roy said...

I do not know how much I agree to the first part, and I don't also agree that either a solution or a problem is an arrangement so much as a choice over which u may or may not be able to exercise the finite powers vested with you and alter the outcome more suited to your existence.

But I definitely agree with the last sentence of the poem.... both format and logic...and better...You are just few steps short of contradicting what you yourself once wrote...and a little closer to one particular Nash John who liked to describe a Vinci or Monet perhaps with equations...and I think he was also correct in his way.

shantanu said...
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shantanu said...

I still write sporadically where its entirely instinct driven - farsightedness while writing comes with a lot of effort.
Your writing has matured - and you have gained the so called sixth sense - which keeps u aware of how the entire piece would look finished - so you know when to hold yourself in check and when to let go. (in my opinion i.e )
When simple ideas/thoughts/things that we are all aware of - are imbued with a new meaning - it makes for great writing. That is essentially what you've done here.

p.s : have a look at the latest thing i put up - a few minutes ago and you'll understand what i was trying to point out in the beginning.

Can u edit your published comments ? i had to delete mine and post again