Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Where the spirit falls short

My voice slumps
In conversations with you
What do I talk about?
My tongue hangs dry like tinder
Ready to catch fire at petty provocation
Then, as you say, I keep the phone

The new sun beams cold rays
On either side of the peninsula
Where we lie, at the mercy of geography
Chained to the remains of last night’s dreams
Distance is a poor excuse for what separates us

I bank on memories
To offer you some vestige of lingering affection
Being apart breeds new images
It stiffens the soft cotton of your sari
I somehow forget: Of the nine yards you draped
You kept the longest to shield me
From His harsh gaze

Now, I think of you as the Past
A temporal truth
The Present has saddled me with a different version of it
Teaching me the composition of silence,
And the war that wages when human beings retreat into themselves
This is a more lasting truth, I tell myself

You and I
Travellers of different landscapes
Cannot concede
That we are separated by a wilderness called human nature
Intermittently, we make cripples of ourselves
In trying to reach out

The boundaries between are not physical
They rise where the spirit falls short
There’s little place for largesse
In hearts that have shrunk with time

Yet, like all cruel/blessed things in life
You dare to believe in your notion of me
And allow selective ignorance
To eke out pounds off irrational happiness
Preserved even in a deluge of ready evidence
Against a son
Who is frugal with love


roy said...
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roy said...

I have no words for this one...
what about 'format and structure" for this one, what did you do.

this is a substantial piece of work in a long long time....

shantanu said...

Brilliantly written. But often human beings retreat into themselves because they are unable to reach out. However this often happens due to small unsubstantial reasons yet those which leave a huge shadow due to our rationalizing.

Anonymous said...

I would really love to read a simple poem of yours! I can only imagine how beautiful an easily comprehensible poem can be that is not filled with jargons from the dictionary!!

satyajit said...

This one wasn't filled with jargon!:-)

Y? said...


Psyche said...

Wow! I haven't had the time to visit your blog in a really long time.. But I'm glad I finally did.. Your expression always takes my breath away!

Rhydemz said...

As i started reading it, eyes feeling each word and with each each word, pulverizing my emotion and co-relating.
Could feel it hitting right inside my soul...
Deeply Entranched ...irrestiable untamed emotions...
Need to follow u on twitter, if you there Do revert.
Ps.(Thanks to Ashutosh Ojha, who made me get to this link)

satyajit said...

@Y: Thank you
@Psyche: Then you should visit more often
@Rhydemz: Thanks