Tuesday, April 18, 2006

debilitating, mind numbing conference calls

I'm in this conference call now which is unbelievably irritating..looks like the pandora's box of system crippling issues has been opened and the onus is on me to put the lid back on..see how i m seamlessly oscillating between the metaphoric and the literal! now do u've an idea of the cruel and unusual punishment i am being meted out?

It started off well with all the items in the calendar being addressed as per schedule (software jargon!!). But the meeting hit a snag when our onsite expert whom i'll call X decided in a fit of sincereness to discuss some long pending issues. Mr. X was driving his kid to school as well as attending the call (a tribute to the ambit of technology) when he decided upon resolving those debilitating issues. This somehow got a few more up and running and together they agreed upon mayhem. Mr. X exhorts us by this "guys these issues can be show- stoppers". He reaches office, digresses from the original meeting schedule and in a kamikaze strike bamboozles us (me especially) with database problems, the imminent need to have an alternative development environment and other cryptic problems of our applicaton versions.

And here i am stuck for the past 2 hours waiting baitedly for my 10 mins of fame. I just need to read out a design document (which ,i can proudly explain, outlines the steps to be undertaken to fix a certain bug in the application) which will not take, even Mr Vajpayee in a pensive mood, more than a few minutes. I see the faces of my teammates- people i had respect for as tough- and I see them breaking down. One by one. Bit by bit. The cruel onsite Business Analyst has the audacity to thank Mr. X after he leaves the call. Hell ya my turn has come!! yippee!! But before that let me confess that my faith in any higher force has been severely dented. That cornerstone of belief that He is there for you has been shaken.

Ok no more or i'll regret penning my musings at this inopportune time.

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