Monday, April 17, 2006

waiting rooms for the indian lover

The Government was kind
For the common man it wanted to lessen the grind
Eve-teasing and moral policing were at their peak
Privacy is what people seeked

In a fit of inspiration
To reduce the hoi polloi’s trepidation
The Government proclaimed in its mandate
To build the first, till date
Waiting rooms for the Indian lover
The ones that will help them stay undercover

By what the Government indicated
The married and the intelligent felt vindicated
At last they their problems would be solved
It was love, and love only, around which the country revolved

The process was simple they said
A gazetted officer should certify you a bonafide lover
And the deal was made
Your photograph and your consenting father’s signature
Do it this way or under the table rather

Father, son, mother and daughter
They all started running helter-skelter
The officer’s seal was at a premium
But they didn’t give up amidst all the pandemonium

Two years passed since that day
But no spark of hope nor a light’s ray
Red tape some blamed, some accused bureaucracy
It was killing our nation- this great democracy

Girls got married, some even lost their virginity!
Men went on strike- they had such temerity
A Committee was set up to look into the matter
All they did was pass time in banter

Needless to say the waiting rooms never saw the light of the day
The sun never shone for the Indian lover to make hay
The government is not happy; it wants to know the reason
And the opposition has vowed to raise the issue in parliament season

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