Sunday, April 23, 2006


What is it that pricks my conscience?
Guilt wrecks my peace; it haunts me
This obstinate nightmare
Reminds me of my erring past
Can I outlive it?

The heart of darkness
Is the recesses of a depraved heart
My timidity is shocking; I impugn my improbity
Introspection uncovers truths
I’m shamed to discover

The masks I put on for the world
Lacking them am I faceless?
I miss childhood’s artlessness
When I look at my reflection

A wild duel rages in me
As I grapple with outrageous sameness
Dealing with the living and the dead
Ah! I know now the poignancy of a wraith!

A sneering fate, an indifferent people, a lowly existence
Redemption I seek
Redemption is for the battle-scarred
Redemption comes with pain

It is only when I vanquish the inner demons
I earn the right to go home
In this battle
How many times shall I live?
How many times have I died?


Anonymous said...

An excellent composition... and very true. It is so real that "the reality pinches"

I get goose bumps every time i read "redemption".

satyajit said...

Thank you. Its when you write from your heart that words begin to matter. They ring a bell; they strike a chord